To learn more about the xAIgent Key Phrase Restful Extraction Service we suggest the following:

  1. Overview
    The xAIgent Restful Service provides Document Key Phrase Extraction functionality. Learn more…
  2. Technical Info
    Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)  and documentation for the xAIgent Restful Service. Learn more…
  3. Sample Code
    Easily integrate Document Key Phrase Extraction functionality with the xAIgent Restful Service into your application. Learn more…
  4. Sample Application
    Try the xAIgent out for yourself in our online demo application. Demo Application
  5. Subscribe
    Sign up for a subscription to the xAIgent service and implement key phrase extraction in your software. Get a Subscription
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of the xAIgent restful service. FAQ
  7. For more information and pricing ...
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  8. xAIgent Service Level Agreement ...
    Service Level Agreement